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Cogent Message, 2019

Cogent Message, 2019

Chantal Zakari

digital inkjet prints on linen acid free paper

coil bound


Cogent Message, is an encylopedic photobook of recreated letterheads of non-profit higher-education institutions that have closed (or merged) starting with the most recent ones (2020) first. The book ends with schools that closed in 2013 as finding their logos through internet searches have now become impossible, a sign of their permanent disappearance. Juxtaposed with the corporate logos within each spread, idyllic images retreived from schools’ marketing campaigns emerge from the white background of the pages. Interspered we also see part time faculty who barely make ends meet, students starting life in-debt and staff that find themselves unemployed after the closure of their institution.


To read more about this project visit the Cogent Message page.

Let us know if you want the book to be signed.

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