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          Chantal Zakari is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and art educator; a Turkish-Levantine, and a US citizen, residing in the Boston area. In her work, she draws upon contemporary social issues by making connections through personal narratives, history and popular culture. Her studio practice combines, research methodologies and artistic strategies borrowed from various disciplines such as photography, documentary, performance, storytelling, installation, graphic design and social interventions.

          Zakari approaches her work from a conceptual frame and therefore the form is wide ranging from fabric banners, to ceramic plates, oil paintings, resin cast sculpture and news media ads. Often her projects culminate in artist’s publications. Under the imprint of Eighteen Publications, together with her partner Mike Mandel, they have published her work and their collaborative works: The Turk & The Jew (1998), webAffairs (2005), The State of Ata (2010), They Came To Baghdad (2012), Lockdown Archive (2015), Campaign (2018), Strategic Planning (2018), Defunct Colleges (2019), Drop Dead Gorgeous (2020), Arsenal News (2021) and Pictures from the Outside (2023). She has had solo shows of her work nationally and internationally. Her work is in the collection of Yale University, the Addison Gallery of American Art, and her artist’s books are in numerous public artist's books collections. Zakari is a Professor of the Practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

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