Leyla Mandel (b. 2003) is a young American film maker. She began her career as a short novel writer with "The Chosen Road" which was published when she was in 5th grade. The following year she adapted the story to a film and began filming in 7th grade. The film was completed in September 2016 and premiered at the Studio Cinema in Belmont, MA. 

Her newest film "Grey to Blue", 2018, was made as a response to the Picture This Festival, in support of Sustainable Development Goals. She is currently the editor for season 1 of the "Percy Jackson Web Series", directed by Erika Jolie.

Despite the fact that she is struggling in physics, Leyla perseveres as a highschooler in a small town in Massachusetts where she happly lives with her parents and parakeets. 

The director in her natural habitat