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The Turk & The Jew, 1997

The Turk & The Jew, 1997

Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari

coil bound

16 pages includes 4 vellum sheets


For three years, while we lived in different parts of the country, we conducted part of our relationship in cyberspace. We created "The Turk & The Jew" website to identify a virtual space to have a relationship. This book is based on this site and extends the idea of our virtual relationship using the form of the artists' book. We respond to each other on family, religion, nationality, distance and intimacy. We speak to our presence, and our lack of presence, here in our first collaborative publication.


Please visit The Turk & The Jew page for each item for more information, additional photographs, exhibition history and reviews.

Let us know if you want the book to be signed.

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