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Making Good Time, 1989

Making Good Time, 1989

Making Good Time, 1989    $40

Mike Mandel


published by Mike Mandel, 1st Edition


ISBN: 0918290007

11 x 11 inches

Condition: New 

First edition, first and only printing. Photographically illustrated laminated paper-covered boards, no dust jacket as issued. Photographs by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and Mike Mandel. Preface by Edward W. Earle. Introduction and additional text by Mike Mandel. Designed by Mike Mandel. 72 pp., with 24 four-color plates, 24 black and white plates and numerous black and white reference illustrations. 

Mandel brings to light here early twentieth century time/motion photographs made by efficiency experts Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. The Gilbreths used blinking lights attached to moving bodies in combination with time exposures to analyze the motion of factory workers, typists, soldiers, and surgeons. They believed that photography would reveal the most efficient way to perform a task. Responding to this dehumanizing approach to photography, Mandel has made his own time/motion studies. "More waste = more fun," Mandel writes. Thus, in Making Good Time we find the author's own time/motion studies of such endeavors as emptying the fridge, wrapping sandwiches, and watching TV.


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