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Lockdown Archive, 2015

Lockdown Archive, 2015

Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari

limited edition of 250

signed and numbered

100 pages


The book, Lockdown Archive is a collection of images all found on the web and reorganized, in order to provide an encyclopedic overview of the Watertown manhunt of April 19, 2013. Unlike traditional archives, Lockdown Archive is organized by a personal, emotional and psychological interpretation of categories: night search, wrong man, FBI team, vehicles, search team green, through the window, house search and bullet holes. Even though this collection of images is encyclopedic, the book doesn’t present or pretend to know all the facts. There are still conflicting reports of the facts of the narrative. The book is a photo sequence with no text. The viewer is asked to create their own story based on the pictures. The last section of the book illustrates a celebration that suggests that the operation was a success, when in fact the reality is more complicated than that.


Please visit the project page for Lockdown Archive and Shelter in Plates for more information, additional photographs, exhibition history and reviews.

Let us know if you want the book to be signed.

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