Dickies Arena Parking Garage, Will Rogers Center   Fort Worth TX, 2017


One inch porcelain tile
(2) murals 50' x 13'


Dickies Arena is the new flagship building on the Will Rogers Memorial Center campus. It is the home of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeos as well as concerts, athletic events and other performances.  The artwork addresses two themes: “Stock Show Parades” and “Pioneers of Texas Transportation.” The artworks are two large scale mosaics, 50’ high, one installed onto an insets of the west and east facades of the main/stair elevator towers.

     The Stock Show Parade is the biggest western themed parade in the world, and the biggest non-motorized parade in the world. The central figure in my design “Stock Show Parades” is Sid Richardson who was a Texas oilman, cattleman, and philanthropist and very much committed to the City of Fort Worth. The Pioneers of Texas Transportation mural  recognizes Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman (1892 –1926) who was an American civil aviator. She was the first female pilot of African American descent and the first person of African-American descent to hold an international pilot license. Coleman’s portrait is flanked by an image of a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain, as GM has been in continuous production of automobiles in Arlington since that date. The bottom image is of a artist’s rendering of the legendary Bell 47G2 helicopter. Bell Helicopter is headquartered in Fort Worth.