Chicago Public Art Program - Chicago IL, 2005



1 inch porcelain and glass tile
26' x 24' - East Wall
26' x 24' -West Wall

The primary theme for the 8th District Police Station is a recognition of the South Lawn/Marquette Park community and neighborhood. I want this artwork to be not only representative of the community, but to be a source of pride and excitement.

I am hoping that this artwork will inspire people who otherwise might not visit a police station, to do so in this instance, because they will feel that the spirit of the artwork touches their lives in a significant way. More importantly, I want the imagery for this artwork to make a direct connection between police and community. In essence, I feel that this artwork can enhance this relationship by creating representations of community symbols inside the police station that will engender a spirit of recognition of the many elements that make this neighborhood unique.

My mural incorporates imagery of people who live in this community of diverse ethnicity and race. There are images that refer to the Mexican-American, African-American and Arab-American communities. There is a reference to students, to Marquette Park, to the unique architectural style of the Chicago bungalow that comprise many of the homes in the neighborhood. There is signage depicted in Arabic, and there is a section of an architectural frieze from Saint Rita of Cascia Church. There is even a reference to the Chicago White Sox.